Little Ticket to Wealth – The Secret to $200 a Day

Little Ticket to Wealth Overview

Little Ticket to WealthIn this Little Ticket To Wealth Review, I’ll talk about t the company’s background, service’s and also the various methods you can generate commission’s.  Most of all you need an Instant cash flow in any business and Little Tick To Wealth provides that for you.

The key to success in any company whether on-line or offline is having the ability to connect with other people – particularly, targeted individuals who would be in the same market to buy your item.Targeted Leads is the name of the game.

This has been a cornerstone of each advertising campaign in history and it is also the concept behind the Little Ticket to Wealth program. This program, also generally referred to as LTTW, is designed to get high quality leads for a direct sales campaign so that your business is exposed to the right audience.

When you have ever spend money on leads, you know how costly they are, whether or not these leads were generated by yourself or through lead venders. Now, Little Ticket To Wealth, claims to have solved that problem for you for life. Is it really true?

Little Ticket To Wealth Business Opportunity

Little Ticket to Wealth was founded by Tim Berger in early 2009 and has become really famous within the money-making entrepreneurial circles with an impressive alexa rank. Its operational headquarters are based in Salem, Ohio where they collect marketing leads from a variety of sources and assist people all over the nation. In fact, you are able to obtain roughly 200,000 leads per month, regardless of what product or service your marketing or trying to sell.

Little Ticket To Wealth Start up Cost Involved

The plan itself has an initial start up fee of 200 dollars for the Pro Version , and a monthly subscription fee of $20. Every month, nevertheless, you receive an extra 202,000 target leads to be able to maintain your campaigns moving forward. If you don’t really feel comfy with the Pro version, you are able to also select a Lite version in Little Ticket to Wealth. This version has a start up fee of only $50 with a monthly subscription fee of five dollars per month. For that, you are able to obtain 50,000 leads for every month you’re a member from the plan.

The #1 factor that LTTW discusses alot is buyer leads. The way they describe this kind of lead is pretty easy. They are essentially people who’ve purchased in the past and therefore are most likely much more likely to buy your item in the future.

You can call it whatever you like, but this is basically just a type of package that marketers love, because it’s like a guaranteed sales with buyer leads. As a bonus, the Pro package with Little Ticket to Wealth comes with 2,000 promised buyer leads, and the lite package includes 500. This is really where most of your income would come from, as these are targeted leads but always remember marketing is always numbers game.

Little Ticket To Wealth Compensation Plan

LTTW has an affiliate program which pays you for each person you get toLittle Ticket to Wealth sign up as a affiliate for the Little Ticket to Wealth Program. You obtain 100% commissions for all of your sales. They use what’s called the reverse 2-up plan. That means your 2nd and 4th sales will go to your sponsor .Your 1st, 3rd and 5th and so on gets you 100% commission. That alone is worth looking at the program.This will give you an extra cash flow and for some an extra $1000 a week in commission.

Little Ticket To Wealth – Customers Satisfaction

There does not seem to be any glaring reports that indicate that Little Ticket To Wealth does not appear to have any problems, as they deliver on what they promise. There has been a complaint produced, but it appears to revolve about the trouble with the automatic renewing subscription fee.

But once more this really is how most businesses online company are run with a monthly subscription or auto-ship if you would like to call it that way. All of their information is public, however, and they have a customer assistance line that is available 24 hours a day.

This is usually a good indication that it is legit business and delivers on what it says it will. The leads generated are all opt-in leads, so you don’t need to be concerned about any legal issues.

Little Ticket To Wealth – Marketing System

Little Ticket to WealthLTTW has also created a advertising system on how these leads may be utilized.This tends to make the plan extremely dependable. The have what is known as the Secret Lead Factory which price a 1 time of $49.95.  With this platform, you will be able to upload your leads and mail as much as about 5000 leads each day.

Now you can choose to upload the leads your self for only $20/month or $49.95 per month.  And know all you’ll need is to your web site link and also the campaign will be setup for you personally.You are able to cancel at anytime.

If you decide not to participate in this mailing program, then you can use other mailing platforms available.

Little Ticket To Wealth – Is It A Scam?

The truth is, you have to have a good, innovative idea and you have to be prepared to work hard. A program like Little Ticket To Wealth requires you put in some effort to become successful. Of course Little Ticket To Wealth Is not a scam, but another good method to solve your lead problems.


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